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18Mar, 2018

South Korean, Olympic and viral experiences

How it feels if you start to bow full of respect – How it is possible that you are „banned“ from your own country in South Korea and what beautiful art, architecture and people you can find in my » latest blog from my fifth Olympic Games, pics from the Olympics, Seoul and a look into North Korea » here and some new Garyd pics » here

13Jun, 2016

Rainy days in Paris with a happy end – Thiems rise in top ten

Rain, terror fear, flood – and still: the French Open had a lot of good news for Austria. How a presidential vote in Austria lead to discussions in rainy Paris, what distinguishes France and the USA in terms of security measures and how Dominic Thiem stormed into the top ten: read about it in my » new blog here.

21Sep, 2015

New York, New York – New blog about US Open and new Garyd-Pics from Manhattan

How did the ATP celebrate the birthday of Dominic Thiem? What are the plans of the US Tennis Association for the US Open site in Flushing Meadows? Is there really a carnival parade in September in New York? Find the answers to these and other questions in my » newest blog. In addition we did a little shooting with Garyd in the heart of Manhattan (thanks a lot to » Matthias Hauer!) – here are the newest pics in the new » folder “Urban”.

26Sep, 2014

5.000: Clicks doubled on soundcloud!

Happy to announce 5.000 plays of the 14 songs on my soundcloud-account 🙂 There is a clear new leader which is the wedding classic “Tonight I celebrate my love for you” with already 1.770 plays ahead of former leading Runrig-cover “Every river” (1.311). Third place goes to “Love is all around” (568). Let’s go for five digits now!
Like before the Brits listen the most and are therefore still in the lead in the nations ranking with 1.221 clicks. Listeners from the USA are second (557) just 7 clicks ahead of Germany. Austria (466) and Indonesia (303) complete the top 5.

12Jul, 2014

2.500 plays on soundcloud – Over 100 nations listened

Hi guys! Thank you for 2.500 clicks so far on my soundcloud-account :-D! Maybe you want to hear the „leader“: „Every river“ – a cover from Runrig – which has gotten 774 plays.

The statistics by nation show Greatbritain in the lead with 709 clicks. Austria (348), USA (249), Germany (248) and Indonesia (155) follow. All together the songs have been played in over 100 nations.

4Jun, 2014

CD Release

For all those who rather have a CD in their hands than mp3’s on some player we have created this: the EP with my five songs is available now also on good old compact disc – feel free to ask for your copy on To be honest: it does feel nice in my hands 🙂

And I also grew up at a time, in which mp3 sounded more like R2D2.

Of course mp3’s are still available on amazon and itunes – you can get it here:

amazon and Itunes

22Apr, 2014

Easter Monday marked click number 1.000 on soundcloud!

Easter Monday marked click number 1.000 on soundcloud, thanks for that! The leader of currently 14 songs interpreted by Garyd on soundcloud is the cover of a classic: “Every river” from the Scottish rock-folk-band Runrig, had 306 clicks by this day.
This might be the main reason, why in the statistics by nations Great Britain is the clear leader so far with 239 plays in front of Austria (146), USA (105), Germany (104), Italy (92), Indonesia (57) and Brazil as well as the Philippines (each 25). Best own song at this time is “Bride in green” (51) on the fifth place.

2Apr, 2014

The time has come!

The time has come: For the first time songs of Garyd are available for download on iTunes and amazon!

The EP “No expiration date” contains the only Garyd-Song in German “Traumfrau” (dreamgirl) as well as „Bride in green“, „Love has no expiration date“ and „Stop this misery“. Only a few weeks ago the „Ballad of a clueless star“ was completed.


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