First thought when you wake up?


Second one?


any special diet?

“Fruits for breakfast, no pork.”

Favorite meal?

“Beefsteak medium rare.”

Book or e-book?

“Definitely book.”

 Cinema or theater?


Angelina Jolie or Charlize Theron?


Favorite movie(s)?

“Out of Africa, Sophie’s Choice, Awakenings, American History X, Million Dollar Baby, I am Sam, Fight Club, Dead poets society, Contact”

Favorite TV-Series?

“Breaking Bad, King of Queens, Homeland, Law & Order – SVU”

Opera or musical?


Favorite painter?

“Vincent van Gogh, Jean-Michel Basquiat”


“Spring, fall”




“rather neat”

Biggest adventure?

“Safari-trips in Kenia with the seasonal migration of thousands of wildebeests”

I am disgusted with:

“Racism, dishonesty, unpunctuality, greed”

I appreciate:

“Honesty, reliability, respect, confidence”

For what would you fight for?

“Justice and also health”

What would you never give up?


Biggest dream?

“A trip to space … or even more: to create a worldwide hit :-)”