Born on June 13th under the zodiac sign Gemini, Garyd has developed as someone really versatile; his interest for sports (particularly tennis) and his love for music lead to two ways of expressing himself. Since his teenage dream of a career in tennis didn’t work out, he traded a spot on the court for a seat in the stands and was hired to work as a sportswriter for the national Austrian news agency. His musical talent is expressed as a singer and also songwriter. His first recorded song (the only one written in German, his native language) was “Traumfrau” (dream girl). That was only the start. To show both sides of him, this website also contains pics and some blogging from sporting events such as Tennis Grand Slams, Nordic World Championships or Olympic Games.

Garyd worked intensively on his voice and his expression in singing lessons with Luzia Nistler and Marcelo Onofri as well as with the vocal coaches Sumitra Nanjundan and Lionel Llodge. He also attended workshops with Andy Baum and Ines Reiger and several week-long jazz seminars in Scheibbs and Poysdorf (amongst others with Agnes Heginger) and gained experience. Since 1996 Garyd sings sporadically at church weddings.